About us

History of Locked in Productions

 LOCKED IN PRODUCTIONS was born at the end of 2016, Giovanna developed her Australian Independent Film Company and has completed 2 full feature movies, Locked In (a movie about family violence), and The Target (a movie about bullying). She also developed 2 TV series called “G & Me” and  “The Travel Counsellor” which has been showing on Channel 31, with 1.4 million viewers.  Locked In Productions has now filmed across Melbourne and Sydney and hopes to continue to grow internationally.  “It has been extremely satisfying to be able to put all of my skills into one thing. I enjoy writing, directing, composing,  producing and acting. Every single production teaches me a new skill. I am enjoying living and learning every day. My life is full of love, laughter and stimulation. I cannot thank all of my cast and crew for growing with me on this journey”. 


The Crew

Giovanna Mercuri (Producer/Director/ Presenter/ Actress)


 Giovanna Mercuri is an actor, composer, director, producer, writer and has also worked as sound operator. As an accredited mental health social worker, Giovanna runs her own private practice. Giovanna combined all her passions together and opened up her independent film company which aims at addressing social/emotional and mental health issues that many people face. Her movies and series have covered the topics of family violence, bullying, depression, anxiety, PTSD and grooming. Giovanna has always enjoyed the performing arts field as it is the area she finds most joy in 

STEVE LAW (Director of Photography/ Gaffer/ Actor)


 Steve is Locked In Production's Director Of Photography and cinematographer. Having dabbled in acting, Steven feels most comfortable behind the camera. His good eye catches the essence of a scene and the visions of the director. Steven joined Locked in Productions when it first developed. He was the D.O.P of Locked In, The Target and The Travel Counsellor. 

RICK VAVELIUK (Actor, VFX artist, Film maker, Cinematographer and Gaffer)


 Rick joined Locked In Productions when it first was developed in 2016. Rick is Giovanna's 1st assistant director. Rick worked on Locked In, The Target, The Travel Counsellor and G&Me as cast and crew.